M.I.A.! ..no, not the music artist

We have been seriously MIA in this blogging game, and please forgive us! So many changes have happened here at Dill’s. We’ve changed some staffing, we’ve changed some titles, and even better, we’ve changed ourselves! We are a newly improved group of flower-hungry designers.

Since the last time I stopped by here, we’ve had Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, Valentine’s Day (oh, Lordy..), Easter, Mother’s Day, and so on. (I know, I’m forgetting the extra fun holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Boxing Day…the list goes on!) AND since the last time I filled you all in, we’ve had about 15-20 weddings happen, and that includes a BIG one!

Trending now are still the days of DIY, mason jars, and baby’s breath, but what’s even cooler is the trend seems to be “DOING YOU!” The trend is having a couple create THEIR day in the sun. They’re incorporating their favorite things. The most fun wedding I’ve had so far was a friend of mine from high school, Chelsea and her fiance, Mike. They’re fun. They’re down-to-earth. They’re happy. He loves comics and superheroes. She loves baby’s breath. Together they created the coolest day. Mike and his groomsmen wore superhero t-shirts under their tux button-ups so they could relax at the reception. It’s such a cool idea, I may have to just steal it. Another bride of mine’s fiance loves the St. Louis Blues hockey team, so as a surprise, Louie, the Blues’ mascot, showed up at the reception WITH the Blues’ official national anthem singer AND Towel Guy, another much-loved STL icon.

THIS is what it’s about, guys. BE the trend. YOU determine the trend. Just because garden roses and peonies are it on a stick doesn’t mean you can’t have daisies and carnations. Channel what makes you YOU and channel what makes you a couple.

Signing off for now, but I promise! We’ll be back!


Today’s Funerals

Funerals…ick. Not exactly something anyone wants to think about… However, in time, it’s something we all have to think about. Some of the large, conglomerate-type funeral home companies like to sell package deals, as if your loved one shouldn’t be honored with originality and personal flair? While I can’t stress enough that everyone go to a locally-owned funeral home, sit down with a funeral director, and choose the most personal tributes you can, I can stress that the choice of flowers can make or break a funeral service.

My dad passed away very suddenly on March 30th of this year. The last thing I was concerned with–or so I thought–was the details of it all, but I took a step back. In all my grief, I knew that I wanted my dad to have what was the epitome of him—smiles, laughter, fun. Without flowers in a funeral setting, I can’t tell you how much more morose and sad a room can feel–as if the situation isn’t awful and heart-wrenching enough. The amount of flowers and living tributes that were made to my dad was one of the most comforting things I could’ve felt at that time.

These two photos shown are expressions of the departed that lay beneath them. The one woman loved purples and chose a blue casket as part of her pre-planning. Her family asked for some purple to be included, and we wanted nothing more than to create something in her honor.

Purple FA4


The second casket spray was for a woman who loved everything summer had to offer–the sunshine, the flowers, and she was a feminine soul. Her family wished to combine the two themes in honor of her life and her memory.

Summer FA4.

Remember: funerals are personal. While there is immense grief, there is also time for celebration. Celebrate the life of your loved one. Personalize your tributes and honor his or her memory.

Is Summer Really Over…?

Well, not yet, but we’re preparing for winter. Why winter you ask? Well because we’ve found a huge increase in winter brides. Summer brides are still very prevalent, but bring on the winter weddings. From snowy all-white designs to shades of cranberry and ivory mixed with frosty blue..the options are endless and becoming more and more available.

Check out these bad boys: stunning and naturally occurring silver? Heck yes! Bring on the winter!

Silver Brunia Berries

Silver Brunia Berries

Pinterest: Bursting the Bubble of America’s Bride

Don’t get me wrong here: I LOVE Pinterest. I’ve found thousands–literally–of pins that are fantastic for both my personal page and our business page. The issue lies in our business aspect and meeting with prospective brides. In that case, Pinterest can be the devil.

Wedding pins often showcase some of the most outstanding, extravagant, luxurious things we’ve ever experienced as seasoned wedding floral designers. However, these over-the-top designs often come with an over-the-top price tag, too. When it’s all flooding in front of your eyes, it’s just too good to be true. For the bride, her dream wedding has been planned in mere hours…until the estimated prices come rolling in, and it’s back to the drawing board.

It’s rare to encounter a bride that has a $100,000 floral budget, so when we designers encounter these Pinterest boards and photos, it can be so disheartening for us.

The average adult doesn’t have much floral knowledge, and that’s okay! Of course, our goal as florists, is to educate the world on all things flowers; however, not knowing the difference between an alstroemeria and a dendrobium is perfectly acceptable. The problem lies in the fact that floral prices are also amongst the unknown. Most folks wouldn’t dream of a single centerpiece costing $1,800, nor would they expect a single corsage to be upwards of $100. Pinterest, however, exposes us to the most glamorous of everything, so that’s where we land.

The saddest part of it all is when brides become so caught-off-guard and almost sad that their wedding dreams are being dashed right in front of them. $1,800/centerpiece x 24 tables = wayyyyy over their $5,000 flower budget.

The saving grace is that most brides come in with realistic expectations. Most brides we encounter use Pinterest as a guide for inspiration, not necessarily as their portfolio of items we must recreate. What is so fabulous about being a professional wedding florist is, we can take those inspirations, those ideas, those crazy pins and create something completely you, completely unique, completely unduplicated, and still get a perfect sense of who you are, who you are as a couple, what you desire for your wedding, and what you’re trying to achieve with flowers.

So use Pinterest. Gather your ideas. Be open to hearing some big numbers, but then, be open to working with your designer to create exactly what you’re envisioning, exactly within your budget. If you have $100,000 to spend on flowers, bring us the whole darn Pinterest board, but even if you don’t, we can still help keep your wedding bubble in tact!

This little light of mine…


Sympathy designs today aren’t created only in a fan-shaped design using mums, carnations, and gladiolas. A huge creative outlet has opened up that includes angels, plaques, memory benches, stepping stones, and now–lanterns. Decorative metal and ceramic lanterns are becoming the focus of a new age of sympathy design. We’re adding fresh and permanent flowers, battery operated life-like candles, ribbons, angels, etc., and they provide a long-lasting, beautiful keepsake.

Oh, it’s been a long time..

And for that I must apologize. This spring caused some craziness in this here flower shop, and now that summer has arrived, you more than deserve a decent update.

As it is industry-wide, summer is a florist’s slower time. While we keep as busy as possible with weddings, graduations, parties, etc., it simply isn’t our peak season. With that being said, I find that so sad. Some of the most gorgeous blooms reach their potential during the summer months, and so much can be had at such reasonable costs because of the fabulous flower-growing weather.

Lilies, roses, daisies, and more can be found in abundance, in fantastic colors, and with a fantastic price tag, too.

Summertime is the perfect time to bring the outdoors in. Have the best of both worlds! Enjoy the cool A/C and all that Mother Nature has to offer by picking up a bundle of fresh, bright summer flowers for your home. Flowers are proven to make people happy; that’s the long and the short of it. Why not take advantage?